Gwydir Presentation.

Tom Presenting

Our chairman, Tom Smith, presenting a plaque to the Mayor of Gwydir Shire Council. John Coulton, at the council meeting on the 8th December.  The plaque was to commemorate the 2011 National Muster and to recognise the large contribution the Shire and the local business community made to the great success of the muster.

They are Roving in the West

During a wet - but not miserable - muster of the Moreton Bay Drifters at Imbil Qld, last year I met WA members, Brian and Maria{rokaccess !guest} Minchin{/rokaccess}, and we talked about the possibility of starting a branch in the West when they got back home.
True to their word {rokaccess !guest}the Minchins{/rokaccess}{rokaccess guest}they{/rokaccess} contacted ACC members in WA to test the waters but didn't get too much response.
Undeterred, they did a lot more work and arranged a get-together at their home of interested members and friends and as a result the new West Aussie Branch was born.
A couple of names were suggested to the Board and we were pleased to approve The ACC Swan River Rovers as our first WA branch.
The Rovers are holding their first muster at Goomalling about 130km from Perth on the 17/18 of April and warmly invite any interested members to attend,

Contact: {rokaccess guest} Check our contacts section for Maria - The Convenor of the Swan River Rovers.{/rokaccess}{rokaccess !guest}Maria Minchin on 08 93326190 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.{/rokaccess}

My hearty congratulations to members of the new branch and grateful thanks to Brian and Maria for their untiring efforts on behalf of the ACC.


2010 Melbourne Caravan Show

The Melbourne Caravan Show is almost with us, starting on 9th March, just a few days away.  We are still a little short of volunteers for a couple of days. The caravan shows are an integral part of the promotion of the ACC, YOUR club and its an enjoyable time chatting with caravanners, old and new.
If any members can provide assistance at this late stage, please advise as soon as possible to Barry Konemann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or call him on 0427 776 413