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Australian Caravan Club Filling Showgrounds to Capacity

The Kingaroy Showgrounds is expected to be filled to capacity next month when the Australian Caravan Club (ACC) holds its first Chairman’s muster for 2017, Club Chairman Craig Humphrey said today.

The Chairman’s muster will be held at the Kingaroy Showgrounds from 9 to 14 March 2017.

“All sites that can be serviced with power and water are taken and we are now only able to accept registrations from members who have RVs with their own power and water,” said Mr Humphrey. “In fact, we have a waiting list for serviced sites.”

“When we first mooted the idea of a Chairman’s muster at Kingaroy, there was quite a lot of interest from our members.”

“Usual attendance at a Chairman’s muster is around 50 RVs, or about 100 people.  Registrations for the Kingaroy muster have more than doubled the usual Chairman’s muster attendances.”

“As a South-East Queenslander myself, I knew that there was a lot to see and do in and around Kingaroy and our Club has extensively advertised this to our members.   We knew registrations would be higher than usual but we had no idea the interest would be more than double.”

“The larger than expected number of registrations has proved logistically challenging, but nothing that has not been able to be resolved.”

Mr Humphrey said that the Club holds one National Muster each year which attracts over 400 people in over 200 RVs.   As well as the National Muster, two Chairman’s musters are held annually at different regional locations.

“Chairman’s musters are less formal than National Musters.  They were introduced to provide an opportunity for the Chairman to engage with members at Happy Hour and other events and chat about the Club in a casual and friendly environment.”

“There is also plenty of time for members to take in the various attractions that the region has to offer and to share friendships and adventure with like-minded people,” Mr Humphrey said.


Share Knowledge and Experience

The opportunity to gain RV knowledge and experience from fellow RVers is one of the many advantages of membership of the Australian Caravan Club.

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Happy coasting, Cooloola Coasters!

Our ACC Cooloola Coasters received some great publicity this week in the 'Cooloola Bay Bulletin'.  Happy coasting, Cooloola Coasters!

RVers Going Nuts About Kingaroy

Over 200 members of the Australian Caravan Club (ACC) in over 100 RVs have set their sights on Kingaroy in the South Burnett region and registered to attend the Club’s first Chairman’s Muster for 2017 to be held next month, Club Chairman Craig Humphrey announced today.

The Chairman’s muster will be held at the Kingaroy Showgrounds from 9 to 14 March 2017.

“Registrations for the Kingaroy Chairman’s Muster have far exceeded expectations,” said Mr Humphrey.  “So far, we have over 200 people coming in 105 RVs and registrations have not yet closed.”

“I have to say, the attractions that the South Burnett region has to offer have sparked quite a wave of interest amongst members.”

As well as enjoying the usual Happy Hour where members will share friendship, swap travelling tales and exchange ideas about anything from safety to technical tips, members attending the muster will have plenty to see and do during their stay.

“Activities on the proposed agenda include a night visit to the Kingaroy Observatory, a visit to the Endeavour Biscuit Factory, attending South Burnett Wine and Food in the Park, a catered dinner, and morning tea at Mulanah Gardens.”

“Our Club is very grateful to the support that we have been receiving from the South Burnett Regional Council, Kingaroy Showground Society, and the people of the Kingaroy community who have provided tremendous assistance to our muster committee with the organisation of this event.”

“The proceeds of any raffles will be donated to Lifeflight.”

“Regions in which our Club’s Chairman’s and national musters are held receive an economic boost as members shop, dine out, buy fuel, purchase groceries souvenirs and other necessities, and visit local attractions.”

“Our Club data shows that over the past 5 years, ACC members attending our national musters have injected in excess of $1,020,000 shared over the 5 communities where the musters have been held,” Mr Humphrey said.

The Club hold two Chairman’s musters and one national muster each year.  The second Chairman’s muster will take place in May at Peak Hill, New South Wales.  The national muster which includes the Club’s Annual General Meeting, will be held at Bingara New South Wales in October.

Marvellous Musters at the Australian Caravan Club

As a member of the Australian Caravan Club, you are entitled to attend the musters or tagalongs of any of our 42 branches throughout Australia, and share in the friendships and adventures of like-minded people.

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AL-KO - Braked 10" Axle Recall

A recall of AL-KO International Pty Ltd — Braked axles 10" Electric fitted to caravans and camper trailers has been issued.

Details at Product Safety Australia

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