It’s not safe to stand between tonnes of moving metal either staring at a spirit level often arguing.

How about levelling from the convenience of your car?

There is a SAFE & EASY alternative.

The SavvyLevel™

See the movement of your caravan from your car – if it’s raining – NO NEED TO GET OUT OF THE CAR.  Find the best spot to sleep if you’re free camping by looking at SavvyLevel.

If you want precision levelling - THE ONLY THING you have to do - is ramp the wheel that SavvyLevel says and drive forward – DONE! YOU’RE LEVEL!


Whats happening with your mail?

Landbase Australia is THE most reliable Mail-Forwarding Service in Australia.  We have been established for over 21 years and will look after all your mail and when you are ready we will send it where,when and how you would like it.

Just give us a call.

Phone: 0408 686 461
Address: Locked Bag 25 Gosford NSW 2250 Australia