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Landbase Australia is THE most reliable Mail-Forwarding Service in Australia.  We have been established for over 21 years and will look after all your mail and when you are ready we will send it where,when and how you would like it.

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B.E.S.T. stands for Bacteria Eliminating Silver Treatment.

"Its the SilverSafe technology used by B.E.S.T. Water Filters that sets them apart from the rest." - C&M magazine


What is SavvyLevel™? 

SavvyLevel™ is a hardware device that is mounted into your caravan or RV. You do NOT need phone reception for the device to communicate with your phone. If you want NO FUSS precision levelling to your own desired level in under a minute by yourself read on, SavvyLevel™ is for you!


  1. Hard wire SavvyLevel into your van or RV. (One off)
  2. Set up your caravan or RV to where you like "level". Calibrate SavvyLevel via the app to your desired level and SavvyLevel will zero scale to your special - individual level. (One off)
  3. Drive into site, phone or tablet with you. You can immediately see the best spot and your tilt and pitch and compass for the sun (as SavvyLevel has a compass also).
  4. In the car you can see which wheel is down.
  5. You or your partner put a chock under the wheel down as shown by SavvyLevel™.
  6. Driver, drives forward and looks at phone or tablet until SavvyLevel™ reports level.
  7. Get out of your car and turn jockey wheel looking at your phone or tablet.

Visit our website at, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact
Catherine Howe - Director of Business Operations  
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On weekend picnics, at the footy, a concert, work, pulling up for a cuppa by the side of the road, caravanners, SES workers and response vehicles just to name a few, it doesn’t take much to lose that traction and turn a great day into a muddy day!

INSURANCE As reassuring as having a spare tyre ($250) a jack ($120) a set of good jumper leads ($95), a set (pair) of Bog Buddys @ $64.95 will be the cheapest of all your MUST HAVE vehicle back up equipment.

VALUE @ $64.95 including G.S.T., how can you afford not to have one?

CAPABILITY Check out the videos (HOW TOOS) to see the different scenarios that we can find ourselves in, reversing, moving forward, diff lock and traction control off , 4X4 and 4X2 heavy vehicles loosing traction and just needing that little helping hand from a buddy, that’s right Bog Buddy.

WARRANTY If your Bog Buddy ever loses integrity and cannot be used correctly, simply send it back for a new for old replacement, and we will cover shipping, that’s how confident we are after our product testing!

WHY BOG BUDDY?  Bog Buddy is not to replace your recovery gear, winches, portable tracks, snatch straps etc are all brilliant pieces of equipment for sure, but what Bog Buddy can do is give you a chance to get yourself out in under two minutes, cleanly easily and when the terrain is right, confidently, and it takes up virtually no room.



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Aussie Road Crew with BECCY COLE breathes new life into camping holidays.   Hosted self-drive, semi-catered tours featuring recording artists providing entertainment.  The tours take campers to a new and exciting part of the country every two days where you set up camp as a group and the fun begins.  Aussie Road Crew have selected some of the most beautiful & perfectly equipped campgrounds.  A cooked breakfast is waiting every morning – just bring your plate! On each 2-week trip, several gourmet meals are included…from spit roasts to gourmet pizza nights, sharing meals together is a wonderful way to bond the group. You then relax by the campfire with your favourite beverage and enjoy the songs and stories.
Some bring tents, some bring huge RVs but no matter how you choose to camp, you are all treated to an unforgettable 2 weeks hosted by 10 times Golden Guitar winner, Beccy Cole and joined by many others. Numbers are kept small to keep it intimate.

To find out more, check out our website at or contact us on 0458 745 941 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.