A.C.C.E.S.S. Australian Caravan Club Environmentally Sustainable Scheme



More and more freedom loving caravanners who wish to camp independently of formal caravan parks, are now travelling in vans that are self-contained. They have their own cassette toilets, fresh water tanks and the capacity to retain grey water and other waste either on board or in sealed removable containers. To cater for this trend and ensure that all of this waste can be disposed of responsibly, Councils and other authorities are providing dump points, water taps and decent size waste bins in towns around the country.

Also recognising this move to self-containment, a growing number of authorities are restricting the use of existing informal camping areas (we call them independent camps) to self-contained RV's.  Many authorities, in an effort to encourage RV travellers to stop and spend in their towns, are creating new short term stopovers for self-contained RVs.  They recognise that these stopovers attract money into their town that might otherwise be spent elsewhere.

To ensure compliance with self-containment requirements some authorities are insisting that caravanners and motorhomers who want to use such areas provide evidence of their capacity to be self-contained.

To cater for this requirement and to show our determination to be environmentally friendly campers, the Australian Caravan Club has introduced a self-containment scheme that we have called the Australian Caravan Club Environmentally Sustainable Scheme (ACCESS).  This scheme not only identifies a caravan as being self-contained, it also includes a requirement that a member sign and be bound by a Code of Conduct, stating their intention to abide by environmentally friendly principles.  Members who join the scheme will be supplied with a window sticker and a copy of the code to keep in their caravan and show on request.

It is not intended that self-contained vans be inspected and certified although in time we hope to have a network of experienced members who can help with any queries.

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